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Birth Photography

Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Birth is a significant and sacred experience. If you ask any mother about the birth of her child she will recall the event with great detail, no matter how many years have passed. Having professional photographs of this experience will be something that you cherish for the rest of your life. Having a photographer also allows your partner to enjoy the moment, without having to worry about taking pictures.

Are you going to photograph EVERYTHING?

What I do or do not photograph is totally up to you. This is something that we can discuss at our prenatal meeting. 

Are you going to post my pictures online?

Due to the intimate nature of birth photography, I will ask you to approve any images that I share on my website or social media. 


When should I book my birth photography session?

I am limited in the number of births that I can book per month, so it is important that you reserve your due date as early as possible. I would recommend at least 3-4 months before your baby is due.

How does payment work?

When you book your birth photography session, you will need to pay a non-refundable retainer to reserve your date. This fee is half of the total price of your photo package. The remainder is due four weeks before your estimated due date.

What is included?

When you are ~35 weeks, we will meet in person for about an hour to introduce ourselves. I will go over what you can expect from me, we can discuss your birth plan, and you can ask any questions that you might have. Birth is a very intimate experience, and it will help you feel more comfortable if we are not meeting for the first time when you are in labor. 


I am on call 24/7 starting two weeks before your due date. When you are in active labor, I will meet you at the hospital or other place of birth. I will take pictures throughout your labor, delivery, and your first 1-2 hours with your little one.


Within the next 24 hours, I will email 2-3 edited pictures for you to share with family and friends. In 3-4 weeks, you will receive a link to a password protected online gallery with 75-100 edited pictures in a mix of both soft color and black and white. 

What do the pictures look like?

Birth photography is documentary. I will capture the events as they happen. I will not be posing you, using flash, or interfering in any way. Photos are edited in both color and black and white.


Why are birth photographers so expensive??
Birth photography is an incredible, unpredictable, and time-consuming profession. Being on call 24/7 means that you may be leaving for a birth in the middle of the night or in the middle of a family outing. You could be at a birth for 6 hours or 16 hours. When you get home, you spend another 12+ hours just editing photos. You also need to pay for on-call childcare to accommodate this unpredictable schedule. When you factor in the cost of cameras, lenses, equipment, professional development, website hosting, photo editing software, and various other expenses-- you need to charge enough to cover your overhead as well as pay yourself a livable wage. Birth photographers put so much time, energy, and love into every session they photograph and it is so important to compensate accordingly.


Doula Services

What is a doula?

A doula is a trained labor support person. As your doula, I will provide physical, emotional, and informational support in a variety of ways before, during, and after the birth of your child. The role that I play in your birth is determined by your unique needs. 

But, what exactly do you do?

I offer physical support, such as suggesting different positions to ease discomfort and to progress labor. I use hands-on measures such as massage, counter-pressure, and breathing techniques. I provide emotional support throughout your labor, nurturing and assuring you and your partner in your most tender and vulnerable moments. I provide informational support before, during, and after labor. Having someone with you throughout your labor who can answer your questions and provide you with information will allow you to feel more confident when making decisions.


Doesn't a nurse do all of that stuff?

No. Many nurses would be happy and willing to provide this level of support, but they have many other duties that interfere. They often have several other patients and will only be in and out of your room intermittently. Nurses are primarily concerned with your medical health, whereas doulas focus on your physical and emotional well-being. 

Can't my partner just do all of this?

One of my main priorities is enabling your partner to assist you as much as possible during labor. Many fathers (my husband included) feel that they should be the only support person, and that they can provide all of the support of a doula during labor. Unfortunately, they have no idea what they are in for. Once in the thick of it, they often realize how much they would appreciate someone telling them exactly what they can do to support you. This is a very emotional experience for him as well, so my role is to support both of you, not to replace the supportive role of the father.

Why do I need a doula?

Many scientific trials have shown the significant positive outcomes of having a doula's continuous support during labor. These outcomes include: lower rates of c-section, less likely to use pain relieving drugs in labor, and shorter labors with less complications and interventions. 

Are you a certified doula?

I have completed the DONA International training program and am currently working towards full certification. 

When do I need to book you as my doula?

It is important to reserve you due date as early as possible, because I am limited in the number of births that I can attend per month. I recommend booking at least 3-4 months before your due date.

What is included?

We will meet twice before your birth. The first will be an informal meeting to introduce ourselves. We will meet again when you are 35 weeks to discuss your vision for your birth and to practice comfort measures with you and your partner. 


I am on call 24/7 starting two weeks before your due date. When you are in active labor, I will meet you at the hospital or other place of birth. I will provide continuous, active support throughout your labor. I will stay for the first one or two hours after birth to provide postpartum support and to assist in the initiation of breastfeeding. 


I will visit you once for about an hour in the week following birth to assist in your transition to parenthood. I will continue to be available for postpartum support via text or email for the next six weeks.

How does payment work?

To reserve your due date, you will need to pay a non-refundable retainer of $400. The remainder is due four weeks before your estimated due date.


Fresh 48

What is a "Fresh 48" session?

The Fresh 48 is a special photography session to capture your baby's first day of life in the hospital or birthing center. This is a great option if you don't want to have your entire labor or birth documented, but want to capture your baby's precious firsts. You'll have photos of first yawns, feedings, diaper changes, their cute little toes, their cute little noses- many moments that you just want to keep forever! This is also a great session to add on to your birth photography to get more pictures of your cute little baby.  

How is this different from a newborn session?

Like birth photography, the Fresh 48 is candid and documentary. I won't be posing the baby or interfering in any way. I am just there to document your interactions with your little one.

What is included?

The Fresh 48 session takes place during daylight hours in the first 48 hours after birth. The session will last one to two hours. Within the next 24 hours, you will receive 2-3 edited pictures to share on social media. In 1-2 weeks, you will receive a link to a password protected online gallery with 30+ edited pictures in a mix of both soft color and black and white. 

When should I schedule my Fresh 48 session?

You should schedule your Fresh 48 session as soon as you know that you want one. I suggest 3-4 months prior to your due date to ensure availability. 

When should I contact you to come?

Text or call when you are in labor, so I can clear my schedule and make childcare arrangements. After your little one arrives, we can determine the best time for me to come.



What is your style of photography?

For your newborn session, I will come to your home to take photos. This is a lifestyle session that will include photos of just your baby, as well as shots with other members of the family. These sessions capture special moments between you and your baby. The pictures will look very natural, rather than stiff and posed.

So, there are no props or stylized posing?

Nope! We want to capture the baby looking perfectly natural and adorable. We don't need cutesy props to distract from your baby's perfection! I'll take pictures of baby swaddled, undressed, or in a plain onesie, putting her/him in very natural positions.

What can I do to prepare for the session?

I like to take pictures in the nursery, bedroom, living room, and possibly the backyard. Make sure your blinds and curtains are open to let in as much light as possible. Babies tend to be more comfortable if they are toasty warm, so it's a good idea to turn up the heat. Don't be surprised if I move furniture around to get the best lighting and de-clutter a bit to make your house appear spotless (don't worry about cleaning before I come- you just had a baby!). My only request is that the bed is made with a neutral quilt or comforter on top. 

What should we wear?

Definitely keep it simple and comfortable. Light, solid colors work best. Avoid anything with writing or patterns.

How can I make sure my baby is happy and cooperative during the session?

Don't worry about your baby getting hungry or fussy. These sessions are a bit longer to factor in time for feeding, breaks, and diaper changes. I would suggest trying to feed your baby right before the session so that she/he is sleepy and content. It is also a good idea to turn up your heat. Baby won't mind being put down as much if it is toasty warm.

When is the best time for a newborn session?

The best window of time for newborn photos is when they are less than10 days old. Once you deliver, you can contact me within the next 48 hours to finalize a date and time for your session. 

When do I need to book my session?

It is a good idea to book your newborn session as early as possible to ensure availability. I would recommend at least 8 weeks before your due date. 



When is the best time for maternity photos?

Usually around 30-34 weeks. 

Where will the session take place?

We can have your session in an outdoor location or we can do a lifestyle session in your home. 

Can my partner/children/pets be in the pictures?

Yes! We definitely want to get plenty of just you, but I love incorporating others as well.

What should I wear?

Show off your bump! I would suggest wearing form-fitting clothing, dresses with a belt above your belly, maxi dresses, or leggings with a long tee. Stick to solid colors without any writing or distracting prints.

When should I schedule my session?

It is a good idea to schedule as early as possible to ensure availability. I would recommend at least 8 weeks in advance.

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