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Welcome, Baby Maklin!

Krista and Matt are a really cool couple who moved here to Charlotte from Pennsylvania. Krista is an artist and Matt works for Nascar as part of the pit crew. They just welcomed their first sweet baby on Thursday, March 16th at 12:31 am. He was 8 lbs, 4 oz and they named him Maklin to combine their first initials (M & K). Krista was planning on a water birth at Baby + Company, the awesome birthing center here in Charlotte. She texted me at 2am on Tuesday morning to tell me that her water had broken. She headed to Baby + Co. in the morning after having contractions all night, and she was so disappointed to find out that she was only 1cm dilated! She went home and tried to get her labor to progress, but she was not having much success. Once her water had been broken for 24 hours, they had to admit her to the hospital, due to the risk of infection. She continued to labor in the hospital the entire next day. Maklin finally decided to join the party that night, after his mom had been in labor for 46 hours! I have a feeling this is something she will remind him of frequently throughout his life...

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