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Last Monday, I got the call from Marisa in the early hours of the morning to let me know that she was in labor. I could tell from her voice that she meant business! I got there shortly after her labor support team, which included her amazing midwife. When I walked in, the room was silent. Marisa was laboring in the pool with the support of her husband, handling her contractions like a rock star. After a while, her midwife suggested a change of positions to get things moving, so she headed into the bathroom. This definitely helped her to make progress, and shortly after her sweet baby daughter was born in the pool! For a tender moment Marisa was able to enjoy holding her, but soon her contractions started picking up again. After laboring for a bit in the pool, her midwife suggested they move to the bed to try some different positioning. Marisa was not feeling this, so they got her a birthing stool. This is a wooden stool with a U=shaped seat to sit on. She labored here for a while with support from her team, as her husband held their baby girl. Her second baby was being quite stubborn, and they were having a hard time getting him into a good position, Marisa handled it like a champ, and labored for a few more hours, trying different positions to make progress. Finally, her baby boy made his grand appearance! Both babies are healthy and just too adorable!!

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